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    About Us

    Mixed media coastal artist. Painting on art panels and recycled surfboards. Art consists of acrylics, metallics, ink blends and resin. Texture components including gel mediums, shells and rocks.

    Carolyn Johnson loves the California coastline and her part in it to be eco-conscious. It starts by taking surfboards destined to landfill – then Recycling, Upcycling and Repurposing to beautiful wall art.

    The process is laborious. Scraping wax and dirt, filling holes, sanding and priming. Carolyn’s technique incorporates ink blends, acrylics, metallics and resin – all on different layers – creating a dimensional feel and movement. She reflects that “Just as we change in our own lives…to think about the many journeys each board has taken is very parallel – recycled surfboards are now on a new journey - as wall art.”

    Any size is available. These are custom made and larger sizes have a built in french cleat. Coastal art look and feel can be multiple ''looks'' Carolyn has created. The first is her COASTAL AERIAL that looks as though you are bird flying over the shoreline and water. The second is OCEANSCAPE this is as though you are looking directly at the horizon line with water below and sky above - all at a distance. Very mesmerizing.

    Please contact Carolyn Johnson for information via email or phone. All inquiries are welcome.


    "IT STARTS INSIDE OF YOU" 19X73 Recycled Surfboard Art
    "FOLLOW YOUR DREAM" 30X60 Mixed Media on Wood Panel
    "DO THE IMPOSSIBLE" 19X75 Recycled Surfboard Art
    "WE ARE ALL CONNECTED" 48X60 Mixed Media on Wood Panel
    "KEEP BELIEVING" 19X74 Recycled Surfboard Art
    "MAGICAL MOMENTS" 30X60 Mixed Media on Wood Panel
    "fFIND YOUR PURPOSE" 40X30 Mixed Media on Wood Panel