• Path to Plastic-Free Digital Business Tool

    Now, more than ever, people are seeking out and engaging in important environmental initiatives. By replacing certain single-use plastic products with high-quality, recyclable, and eco-friendly ones, Laguna Beach business owners can lead by example, educating and empowering their customers to make a real difference.

    Laguna Beach Municipal Code Chapter 7.05 regulates the types of food service ware that businesses can provide their customers. 

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    Plastic Items Prohibited

    All retail businesses that sell, use, or distribute disposable food service ware within City boundaries, are prohibited from selling, using, or distributing certain single-use, plastic, bioplastic, and polystyrene disposable food service ware items, including utensils and utensil sleeves, straws, stirrers, and takeout bags.

    Alternative plastic food service ware (utensils, straws, & stirrers) may only be provided to customers upon request.

    Plastic food service ware is prohibited at all parks, beaches, and trails.

     This Digital Business Toolkit includes:

    • List of plastic alternative products by vendor
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Reference guide to disposable food service ware by item, material and status (compliant, permissible, or prohibited)
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