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    Hosted by Greg Friedman, 'Chamber Chat' is a 20-minute spot on KX FM 104.7 featuring a different Chamber member each week. Click the links below to listen to each week's podcast! If you are interested in being on Chamber Chat, please e-mail Director@lagunabeachchamber.org to schedule your interview. To be featured on Chamber Chat, you must be a current Chamber member in good standing. If you would like to join the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, click here.

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    September 22nd: Marcus Skenderian- Marcus Skenderian 

    Marcus has developed a winning approach to providing clients with invaluable market knowledge and unparalleled customer service that has proven success. With extensive networking, a high level of integrity, market and community knowledge, and hard work... Marcus Skenderian is dedicated to making your real estate dream become a reality.  

    September 15th: Juanice Munoz- La Casa Azul Design

    Juanice Munoz brings a unique and considerate touch to design. Whereas most will simply go by route. Juanice has a rare knack to listen to the heart and soul of the client and design a home that reflects and enhances who they are. 

    September 8th: Chelsea Garside- Cactus Jane Emporium

    Cactus Jane Emporium is a unique experience. They source goods from local artisans to support our community and reduce our carbon footprint when possible and believe in doing the most good. That means supporting the planet and all our fellow humans and animals.

    September 1st: Suzanne Barber- Gallery at the Villa

    Gallery at the Villa from Suzanne Barber has created a fresh, new, unique style that is free, energetic, modern, and abstract. Suzanne Barber creates her dream come true; her own design gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. Her gallery is designed to evoke an experience for her guests; curating art, vignettes of furniture, music, and her own warm welcome.

    August 11th: Kelly Dye- Folklore Studio

    We welcome Kelly owner of Folklore Studio. Folklore Studio is a contemporary fine art gallery and community space in Laguna Beach, California. They aim to tell the stories of artists who create from a place of deep connection with the earth, using natural materials and practices that are ancient and reverent.

    August 4th: Laura Curtain Ross- Laguna Art A Fair

    Laguna Art-A-Fair has set and maintained a standard of excellence that is respected by the local art community, enjoyed by residents and visitors alike and recognized nationwide. This show is proud to include many award-winning artists, and to be a showcase venue for highly talented emerging artists.

    July 28th: Thea Merritt- Eco Now

    Eco Now's mission is to help consumers make sustainable choices. At Eco Now, they strive to educate others and provide locally sourced, handmade, and eco-friendly goods to reduce waste. Thea explains how easy it is to be green.

    July 14th: Taylor McGrath- Laguna Canyon Foundation

    Laguna Canyon Foundation are the stewards of Laguna Canyon advocating for our open spaces as the leading organization for education, public outreach, habitat restoration, and trail work in the canyons. We are the bridge between the open space and the surrounding world.

    July 7th: Ryan Tuffnell - Laguna Art Museum

    Greg welcomes Ryan from the Laguna Art Museum. Ryan came in to help us understand what a world-class museum we have here in our own town. Laguna Art Museum exists to enlighten and engage people of all ages through art that embodies the California experience.

    June 30th: Dr. Tamer Shalaby - Dana Smiles

    Greg welcomes Dr. Tamer Shalaby from Dana Smiles. Dr. Shalaby's passion for dentistry stems from his love to interact with people, his artistic background, and his talent. He realized that dentistry will allow him to explore the creative nature of dentistry by trying to reproduce what nature had produced and make it better. He also enjoys his patients and enjoys helping them achieve a healthy smile without compromise. Dr. Shalaby focuses on implant dentistry and full mouth reconstruction and rehabilitation.

    May 26th: Wendy Berube - Laguna Ocean Foundation

    Wendy steps in to talk about Kelp Fest, taking place Saturday June 2nd, on the cobblestones at Main Beach.

    May 19th: Alesha De La Cruz - De La Planning

    Wedding and event planner extraordinaire, Alesha De La Cruz steps in with the Chamber's Joelle Pedue to talk about the high-pressure, detail-oriented work they do to make your wedding or event "that special FLAWLESS day"

    May 12th: Andrew Myers - Andrew Myers Art

    World-renowned visual artist, and creative maven, Andrew Myers steps in to discuss his amazing works, and brand new space at 224 Forest Ave., as well as the opening gala on May 13th. 

    May 5th: Jeff Redeker- Grapes for Grads

    Jeff Redeker steps in to prep us for this coming Sunday's spectacular Grapes For Grads event, at the FOA.

    April 14th: Dede Newman- Escape Artists

    Author Dede Newman comes in to speak about her book Escape Artists, comedy and more!

    April 7th: Michael Laux- Oligino Laux Construction

    Michael Laux stops in to give us an inside scoop of Oligino Laux Construction.

    March 17th: Rachel O'Neill- Cusey- Visit Laguna

    Rachel O'Neill-Cusey with Visit Laguna joins us to talk about us about her plans. Keep their Beach Clean Up on your calendar April 22nd at Aliso Creek Beach. 

    March 10th: Steve Brittan- Laguna College Art & Design

    Chamber CEO/President Erin Slattery brings Steve Brittan with LCAD to talk about what is new with the college.  

    March 3rd: Bart Zandbergen and Letitia Berbaum -The Zandbergen Group

    We welcome local wealth planners & financial advisors Bart Zandbergen, a national recognized authority in financial planning & investing, and Letitia Berbaum, Wealth Advisor and COO step in to talk about how they define TRUE WEALTH, investing, estate planning, retirement. An informative & fascinating conversation.


    February 24th: Ed Hanke - Patriots Day Parade

    Just a week away from Laguna's iconic Patriots Day Parade, Ed Hanke joins the Chamber's Joelle Pedue to give us the full rundown! 

    February 17th: Randy Morgan - Artist of the Year

    Laguna Beach artist of the year, Randy Morgan steps in for a conversation.

    February 10th: Carly Tway - Merkababe Designs

    Amazingly creative and meaningful works of art, handcrafted with insight and attention to our inner selves...a fascinating conversation with one of our community's newest merchants.

    February 3rd: Lauren Segal - T-Shirt Company

    A local business for over 40 years, with their focus on community. 

    January 27th: Marilyn Wellness Studio- Marilyn Montero

    Marilyn Montero, a Clinical Hypnotherapist discusses the keys to wellness and pulls back the curtain on the process of helping us overcome the various obstacles we encounter... addiction, body image confidence, and mental wellness.

    January 19th: KXFM Takeover 2023- Paula Hornbuckle Arnold 

    Paula from the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce joins Ed on air, as they play some of their favorite cover songs.

    January 19th: KXFM Takeover 2023- Deana Duffek

    Joelle of the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce takes over the airwaves with Deana Duffek of Laguna non-profit Design with Purpose. They play some soul and rock and talk about Design with Purpose's mission to provide healing environments to families & schools in need.

    January 13th: SchoolPower - Amy Dechary

    Amy Dechary from SchoolPower joins us this morning. She tells us about the many events SchoolPower is putting on and how they continue to support the education and well-being of children in the Laguna Beach Unified School District.

    January 6th: Peony Garden - Abigail Kenney

    The Chamber's Joelle Pedue introduces us to Abigail Kennery, the creator of one of the most fun, whimsical, and stylish boutiques in town.

    December 16th: Jedidiah Coffee - Steve and Embry Munsey

    Steve & Embry step in for a conversation about COFFEE. Some will argue, the world's most essential beverage. We learn the science of good coffee, and their obsession with teaching the world about it. We learn about their coffee house in the canyon, and the shop we're eagerly anticipating in N. Laguna in 2023.


    December 9th: The Ritual Refill - Danielle and Shannon

    The Chamber's Joelle introduces us to the environmentally necessary business and its owners in North Laguna Danielle & Shannon. A great concept, perfect for our community.


    December 2nd: Duet Laguna - Martin Venzal

    Textile artist Martin Venzal joins Erin Slattery & Ed to talk about his start, and his passion for helping other artists have a home to display their art. He also drops a great Sangria recipe on us...


    November 26th: Two Shores Gin - Eileen Keighley 

    The Chamber's Joelle Pedue introduces us to local distiller Eileen Keighley, who steps in for a fascinating conversation about the process of distilling gin, and what SHE looks for to make her flavors and scents unique.


    November 4th: Providence Mission Hospital - Seth Tiegen

    The Chief Executive of Providence Mission Hospital joins us for an important conversation about the services they offer, the security enhancements made in the last year, their impact on S. Laguna, the responsibility they share with the county, the city, and other facilities regarding behavioral services patients, and moving forward, what will become of this facility's Behavioral Services Dept.


    October 28th: Laguna Dance Festival - Joy Dittburner 

    The Winter Gala this year "Home for The Holidays" takes place on Dec. 3rd...Joys steps in to fill us in on that, plus the Nov. 3 Art Walk event. 


    October 21st: Friends of LB Dog Park - Marc Buchan

    With a ribbon cutting celebrating 30 years in town happening Saturday, Oct 22, Marc steps in to offer a fascinating history of our beloved dog park... He also discusses common sense dog & park etiquette.


    October 7th: LB Historical Society -  ED Storke

    Ed Storke joins us for a conversation. Check out the current exhibition's limited hours Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 1 pm -4 pm.


    September 30th: Uplift Teen Yoga - Erica Austin and Megan Bunscher

    Erica Austin and Megan Bunscher introduce us to their very special method of improving collapsing mental health among teens due to all the factors that have historically been issues, now exacerbated because of social media. Parents, teens, teachers, and school officials should tune into this conversation.


    September 23rd: Just Gather- Michelle Highberg and Janelle Hilton

    Michelle Highberg and Janelle Hilton step into the studio to talk about Just Gather, whose mission it is to promote mental wellness and positive mindsets for youth through connections to nature, self-care, and mentorship. 


    September 16th: HeartFelt - Holly Morrell

    Saving lives can be as easy as early detection. Holly Morrell steps in to tell us about the importance, and the ease of getting ourselves checked out for heart disease, and the exciting expansion into House call tests. 


    September 9th: LB Tennis Academy - Andrew Mateljan

    For adults, kids, and private lessons, the Laguna Beach Tennis Academy has something for every person regardless of their level of play.


    September 2nd: Crystal Cove Conservancy - Austin Barrow

    A really fun & informative conversation with the COO of the Crystal Cove Conservancy about their approach to STEM education, conservation, and keeping our beaches & ocean pristine.


    August 26: The Mermaid Store

    We welcome Daniel back for a fascinating conversation about the new line of eco-friendly clothes he is developing, and the importance of understanding the dangers to the ecosystem that plastics


    August 5: Oak Restaurant

    One of the best local spots in town is celebrating its 5th amazing year in town TODAY. We speak with the owner, John Porrello, and Executive Chef Nick Shipp. A fun & fast-moving conversation about the basics…What it takes to achieve success in the dining business in Laguna. It appears they’ve struck the right formula. The Chamber ribbon cutting takes place on August 11.


    July 29: Lynda Halligan

    Lynda steps in to update us on the October 13th Taste Of Laguna, and all the upcoming chamber events.


    July 22: Moulton Museum

    A cool museum opens in Laguna Hills in September, and we hear all about it. A fascinating history of our area is told, complete with artifacts, and the beautiful works of Nellie Gail. A great conversation with Jared Mathis.


    July 15: Rum Social

    A birthday celebration for Paula, and coincidentally, her newest “go-to” spot in town. Nick & Jared step in to educate us on rum and make our mouths water with the description of their amazing menu.


    July 8th: IMER BAUTA

    A fascinating conversation with Empress Builders President, and structural engineer Imer Bauta. We dig deep into the science & math of building.



    A great conversation about the online presence small businesses need, and how ClikCloud can help.


    June 17th: Flashman Kitchen Design

    A conversation with Laguna’s kitchen design specialist, Andrew Flashman.


    June 3rd: Victoria Gerard

    A delightful conversation with Laguna Art Museum’s Victoria Gerard about their super-packed calendar of events, not just through June, but throughout the Summer…and EVEN stretching into November!


    May 27th: Erin Slattery

    A delightful, conversation with the newest bright spot in our community, Erin Slattery discusses upcoming Chamber events, including this year’s Taste Of Laguna, ribbon cuttings, and her fascinatingly rich family story, and its deep-rooted relationship to our community. Take a moment, and get to know Erin Slattery.


    May 20th: Julie Laughton

    Paula’s guest is local, and world renowned designer and remodeler, Julie Laughton…and HER guest is Michael Balliet…Together they guide us through the current OC real estate trends, and the importance of remodeling done right.


    May 13th: Tea & Turmeric

    A delightful, and informative conversation with a GREAT, new local business in town. Kavita and Vidya Reddy tell us all about their passion for flavor and their love for the bonding that brings people together. With the official Chamber ribbon cutting set for next Thursday, we get the scoop on loose teas, and the many delicious spices we’ll be introduced to.



    On Earth Day, and with the Gate & Garden Tour coming up on May 7th, we cover all things plant & gardening with Nancy Englund, and Karen Nelson.


    April 15th: Patrick Guyton

    Paula introduces us to one of the most sought-after artist’s in the world, living right here in our community. Patrick’s use of hand leafing in silver, gold, platinum & palladium is pure precision art and sets him apart.


    April 8th: Jimmy Azadian, B&GCLB

    Preparing for the charity event of the year is a lot of work…and a lot of FUN. Paula brings in Jimmy Azadian to discuss the May 7, 21st annual Art Of Giving Gala, Hawaiian Luau at The Montage.


    March 25th: Ashley Johnson, Visit Laguna Beach

    Paula introduces us to the President / CEO of Visit Laguna, the lightning bolt of energy that is Ashley Johnson. A great conversation about who’s coming to Laguna, and who we’re focusing on introducing our magnificent city to.


    March 11th: Carolyn Johnson, Carolyn Johnson Coastal Art

    Paula introduces us to Laguna’s environmentally conscious surfboard artist, and truly purposed human, Carolyn Johnson. An amazing artist with a quiet inner strength.


    March 4th: Maggie Klein, Edward Jones Financial

    We meet the newest member of the Chamber, Maggie Klein of Edward Jones financial services.


    February 25th: Ty & Linda Hatfield, Parenting from the Heart

    Ty & Linda Hatfield tell us about their new book, Parent Shift, and the courses and workshops in parenting they host. Their next course is a ZOOM workshop on Sunday March 6th. An interesting conversation about the responsibilities of parents, and the tools they provide in their workshops. Their website is parentingfromtheheart.com.


    February 18th: Eileen Hoffman, Newport Uniform

    A fun and informative conversation with the owner of Newport Uniform, Eileen Hoffman


    February 4th: Paula Hornbuckle-Arnold, Interim LBCC President/CEO

    The President / CEO of the Laguna Beach Chamber Of Commerce steps in for a conversation about upcoming Chamber events, including the Mayor’s State Of The City Address, scheduled for March 1. We also get a chance to catch up with her about the assistance Laguna Beach businesses are still, in many cases, able to receive, and the importance of that assistance to business in our community.



    March 26th: Marian Keegan, Art of Fitness

    Helping Laguna Beach stay fit for 20 years, and voted Laguna Beach Favorite gym / fitness center by locals, we have a great discussion with Marian Keegan.


    March 19th: Gila Leibovitch, The Vault

    Join Ed for a conversion with Gila, owner of The Vault.


    March 12th: Sandy Morales, Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce

    After 10 successful years as Event Director of the Anaheim Chamber Of Commerce, Sandy Morales takes over as the President / CEO of the Laguna Beach Chamber Of Commerce.
    We discuss how she got here, The Chamber’s plans to help local businesses get footing, and start rolling through the Spring & Summer. She also tells us about upcoming (safely distanced) events to look forward to.



    March 27th: Christopher Lorenzana, Small Business Administration

    The Deputy Director in charge of the OC & Inland Empire SBA, Christopher Lorenzana, and Paula Hornbuckle-Arnold, Executive Director of the Laguna Beach Chamber Of Commerce join us for a detailed conversation about the ways local businesses, and non-profits can request assistance from the SBA, as part of the $350 billion dollar SBA loan program, that’s part of the 2 trillion dollar rescue & relief plan just passed by congress.

    March 6th: Judy Davidson, Franchoice

    A really fun and informative conversation with an expert in all things franchised. Judy Davidson steps into the studio to tell us about the fantastic consultation services offered by FranChoice, what should be your first stop before considering franchise ownership.

    February 21st: Hannah & Amelia, Amenah

    Ed & Paula welcome Hannah and Amelia from Amenah. 


    February 14th: Sharael Kolberg, Kolberg Creative Services

    Local business Kolberg Creative Servieces. amd absolutely necessary addition to any business, is spotlighted on todays chat. We learn the multiple ways they can help you drive customers to your business. We also learn a lot about the amazing life led by Sharael Kolberg. Along with Ashley von Gremp from the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, its a conversation worthy of a listen.


    February 7th: Paige Strayer, Dawg~Ma Companion Care

    Paula & Ed welcome the owner of Dawg~Ma, and all 'round animal lover Paige Strayer, in for a chat about the best places in Laguna to walk your dogs, and her website, OCdogfriendly.com.


    January 30th: Kristen Camuglia & Adriana Galdamez, Cox Communications

    On the 20th anniversary of COX Cares, we find out from Kristen Camuglia and Adriana Galdamez whats coming up on COX.


    January 24th: Debra Ball, Love Those Paws & Liz Monaco, Coastal Concierge

    Ed welcomes Ashley von Gremp from the Chamber, Debra Ball of Love Those Paws dog walking service and Liz Monaco, the 'Coastal Concierge'. 


    January 10th: Louis Weil, Berkshire Hathaway

    Ed welcomes Ashley von Gremp(Executive Director Paula Hornbuckle-Arnold is on the DL this week) and Louis Weil in for a discussion about his role at Berkshire Hathaway, his role on the Design Review Board, and their role in our community. We also manage to talk a little football...



    December 20th: Veniroe, Jewel of Laguna

    Join Paula & Ed in a chat with Joanne Im and Gemma Park from Veniroe. They discuss their beautifully designed jewelry and the process behind the unique pieces. Listen in to find out what inspires them!

    December 13th: Dr. Adrienne O'Connell, Laguna Beach Aesthetics

    Board Certified Physician, and local Lagunan, Dr. Adrienne O'Connell joins Paula & Ed to discuss her tireless work keeping our skin healthy and looking its best. A fascinating conversaion about everything from the latest innovations in cosmetic dermatology to her experience as a practicing ER physician. Take a few minutes to meet a very interesting local physician!

    December 6th: J.J. Ballesteros, Ballesteros Group Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

    Paula & Ed welcome J.J. Ballesteros, from the Ballesteros Group Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. They cover everything from investment properties to his duties at President of the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, his beautiful family, Hospitality Night, community involvement, and the fact that he studied hard and maintained focus at the nation's #1 party campus, SD State University. A great conversation with a valued member of our community.

    November 29th: Paula Hornbuckle-Arnold & Ashley von Gremp, Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce

    With Small Business Saturday set to take place under sunny & beautiful conditions, Ed gets the latest from Paula & Ashley on the participation of over 90 local merchants. It's an informative, and important conversation about supporting local merchants, not just this coming Saturday, but year round. Best of all, we get a sampling of Paula's awesome taste in music.

    November 22nd: Julie Laughton, Julie Laughton Design Build

    WOW! Meet someone who accesses the entirety of BOTH halves of her brain! Paula & Ed welcome Julie Laughton, the perfect combination of artistic creativity and technical wizardry... and it shows in her finished product. In her remodel and redesign of high end properties, her attention to detail is incomparable.

    November 15th: Gail Landau, Catmosphere Laguna

    Paula and Ed speak with a true Laguna Beach treasure.. Gail Landau, who has taken her love of cats, and created a PURRfect place to visit with and possible adopt them. Catmosphere is a uniquely imagined, necessary non-profit in our community. We cover all things feline, including the Dec. 5 event at GG's Bistro for the Catmosphere Laguna Foundation from 6-9pm, as well as Small Business Saturday on Nov. 30.

    November 8th: Carmelit Green, Troy Lee Designs

    A truly unique local business, combining magnificent artwork and the sport world's toughest protective gear. Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Paula Honrbuckle-Arnold and Ed welcome Carmelit Green, the driving force behind Troy Lee Designs, and their very eclectic relationship with our city. Our conversation takes us from artist and athlete Troy Lee's first works, to his current involvement in racing of all sorts. With a celebration of racing & art heritage on November 23rd, Carmelit and Paula tell us all about Small Business Saturday, and the importance of supporting local, small businesses.

    November 1st: Marcela Owen, Health and Prosperity Coach

    Ed is joined by Ashley von Gremp of the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, and Marcela Owen, a health and prosperity coach, who helps busy, sometimes overwhelmed women release stress, and regain focus. With a seminar coming up on the 19th, it's a fascinating conversation about the stress we all carry in our daily lives, and how to better deal with it.

    October 25th: Jeff Redeker, CalPrivate Bank

    Ed and Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Paula Hornbuckle-Arnold chat with Jeff Redeker, Senior VP/Relationship Manager at CalPrivate Bank, and community involved local Lagunan. Our conversation takes us everywhere from his involvement in this year's Grapes for Grads, to the Oak St. Halloween party, to his splitting allegiances during Laguna Beach/Dana Point high school football games. Take a moment, and get to meet a business leader, who is heavily involvd and invested in our community.

    October 18th: Dawn Knepper, Buchalter

    Ed welcomes Dawn Knepper, a Labor and Employment attorney of Buchalter Law, and Paula Hornbuckle -Arnold, Executive Director of the Laguna Beach Chamber Of Commerce.  Together, they’re offering a live, interactive sexual harassment training seminar, October 22, at The Boys & Girls Club Of Laguna Beach, that will meet training requirements. We also hear a great discussion on labor laws, and recent California laws signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.


    *To be featured on Chamber Chat, you must be a current Chamber member in good standing. If you would like to join the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, click here.