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    Opening early 2024!

    Come out and enjoy our Laguna Beach storybook forest setting, an introduction to Museum of Make Believe, featuring our inaugural exhibit, "Ghost Stories & Fairy Tales".

    The Museum of Make Believe is dedicated to preserving the timeless art of storytelling within a uniquely creative environment unlike anything guests have seen before. Through entertaining and thought-provoking exhibits that offer a truly magical twist on the idea of seeing contemporary art, our dedicated staff and artists seek to inspire young and old alike with a warm feeling of something familiar and a reminder of childlike mystery; awakening feelings our guests may have forgotten and are longing to remember.

    Our Pledge to The Community:

    We’re proud to be part of the tremendously creative Orange County area and pledge to contribute to the region through a wide variety of educational opportunities, creative courses and workshops for local youth as well as the entire Orange County community. We maintain apprenticeship programs, partnerships with our local schools, outreach to local artists and other non-profit organizations.


    Museum of Make Believe
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    Artwork on Display
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    Release Date: April 01, 2024