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    About Us

    Join us in appealing to the Gen-Z/Gen-A demographic who is increasingly discovering their autism|adhd|dyslexia| and other forms of neurodivergence. We work closely with the most sensory-averse among them. This means luxurious softness for the average customer, and love-ability for the most discerning among us.

    Cheaper brands cut corners and scratch arms, by using hard felt bits that can cut their cuddly owner.
    Cheaper brands may include bead eyes that are irritating to some neurodivergent collectors.
    Cheaper brands have numerous points of failure, which make them more of a novelty than a gift.

    Friends Collection runs online plushie communities ~50,000 members strong, and we work closely with our stuffed animal collecting friends to foster comfort in the hobby while also aiming to make the best stuffed animals for everyone. Who knows--maybe you'll see some of these members in your store!


    The Borbs™ Stuffed Animals in Use!
    Marlene with the Borbs™ lineup as of 2023
    "So how did this happen?" A fun photo shoot with a few of the Borbs™
    Breb Chinchilla
    Breb Chinchilla