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    Created by four Certified Master NLP Practitioners, Owner, and Founder, Michael Torres-Jaimes, expert marketing funnel strategist, Tim Chesonis, Jenni Williams, and Cindy Jaimes, Conscious World Changers is flipping the empowerment industry on its head.

    Our goal is to help shift and reframe the way heart-centered individuals see and experience the world by empowering them to uncover and share their unique gifts, talents, and skills so they can begin empowering themselves and those around them.
    The CWC community is 100% focused on being the embodiment of our teachings when no one is looking.

    We bring together and lead an army of conscious people who desire to make a positive impact by creating a ripple effect of higher consciousness on a global level one person at a time.

    Every person in our community is inspired and empowered with the proper leadership skills set by our example.


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    Unleash Your Potential In-Person Mini-Retreat
    Unleash Your Potential In-Person Mini-Retreat