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    Cafe Oracle Academy | Finding deeper purpose & creating more abundance. We offer Coaching & Courses - Live & Online.
    Spiritual knowledge; enabling you to become a master of your own life. Finding deeper purpose & creating more abundance.

    Cafe Oracle Academy offers Sacred Teachings & Life Mastery Teachings for all Souls on the Spiritual Path. The courses focus on teaching Modern (& Ancient) Master Teachings and powerful Life Mastery skills, so each and every Soul who is ready can be all they came here to be in their spiritual mission, creating the highest version of their life and co-creating the New Earth. We offer Live & Online Video Courses.
    Learn more about Cafe Oracle Academy: at www.cafeoracle.com & check out all of the available digital courses & Live Zoom Community Calls. Free PDF to Self Mastery on the website too.

    Your path to Spiritual Awakening & deeper connection to the world.