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    APARTAS is where Astrology's magic and awareness meets creativity to inspire your personal journey.
    Let's celebrate your UNIQUENESS!

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    WHO is Giulia?
    She is an Italian artist and astrologist who explores the mysteries of the cosmos to illuminate her clients path with astrological insights and creative tools. Professionally, she has a degree in Industrial Design and a diploma in Karmic Psychoevolutionary Astrology.

    WHAT is the benefit of a reading?
    To confirm and give words to your intuitions and feelings. Giulia offers you an open space where she is a mirror for you to be able to really express yourself with the help of astrology guidelines. So that you can go back to your life with more confidence and tools about what to do next and how to take life decisions.

    WHY astrology?
    Because it is a wonderful language that helps us to identify ourselves through macrocosmic symbols reflecting our personal microcosm. It is a tool that offers us countless insights to find order, confirmations, and personal recognition in living true to our uniqueness.

    With APARTAS' offerings,Giulia act as a translator of star symbolism to unveil the GIFTS that you have inside of you. Do you want to discover more about your talents and personal wisdom?


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    Giulia Martello
    Artist and Astrologist