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    Ability Awareness Project



    About Us

    Ability Awareness Project is a nonprofit with a mission to build a united interconnected world free of bullying. We provide Bullying Prevention School Presentations and Kindness Programs for grades K-3rd (can be done as a puppet show), 4th & 5th grades, Middle schools, High Schools, Colleges, Parents, Educators and Senior Centers. Our Public Awareness events are held on 1st or 2nd Saturday of October annually at Cobblestone area on Main Beach. We are also leading the Laguna Beach Kindness Movement in collaboration with the City of Laguna Beach to help the city become the first World Kindness City in the US.

    There's 4 parts to our public events.
    1. We have hundred's of vigils of children who have died by suicide due to bullying which is the 3rd leading cause of death among children. Every figurine has a picture of the child and a description of their story; a testament that no one is safe as long as bullying continues.
    2. We provide a space for strangers to connect with out #BeAFriendChallenge where cell phones are turned off and all are invited to make a human connection. We provide chairs and yoga mats for strangers to sit hand in hand, knee to knee, keeping an eye contact for one minute or close their eyes and meditate together.
    3. Puppet show for the little ones to learn about friendship. We don't want their attention to go to the vigils and have lots of volunteers to help steer them to puppet show to receive bracelets, Be A Friend pledge cards and cookies.
    4. Kindness Wall. Kids and adults all participate in leaving kind messages on sticky notes with markers.