• ''Triptych” A fine art exhibition

    What "Triptych” A fine art exhibition 
    Who: Artists Dan McCaw, Derek Penix and Vanessa Rothe
    Where: Vanessa Rothe Fine Art Gallery
               418 Ocean Ave Laguna Beach CA 92651
    And ONLINE www.vanessarothefineart.com 
    Opening July 1st 10am- Ends Sept 10th 2023
    This summer the Vanessa Rothe Fine Art gallery is proud to present “TRIPTYCH” an fine art exhibition celebrating the exciting juxtaposition of 3 California artists who combine realism, impressionism and a hint of abstraction, to create theirs works of art. Curated by Vanessa Rothe.
    Contemporary Master Dan McCaw’s work embraces modern art with a focus on design, textures and feeling in his work. Although classically trained and after many years of success with realism and impressionism Dan purposefully decides to create work that’s focus is on creativity. His work is known more now for his expressionism. He credits Edouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard and Gustave Kilmt as well as the Abstract Expressionists as influences to his work and current freedom of not having to conform to the literal representation of the work.  “My primary interest lies in going beyond the technique in order to interpret the subject in different ways and expand on the interpretation to make a personal statement.  Creativity lies in uncertainty because your solution can be anything!” Remarks Dan. Ten works in various sizes from 30x24 in “Reverie" to 9x12 gems, all involve the figure in an environment. 
    Derek Penix, voted most award winning artist in America in 2022 by various art organizations, combines realism and impressionism but is currently starting to add some purposeful abstraction to his work. Blurring edges and suggesting realism in only a part of the painting, and the rest is color and emotion. His vivid color and loose brushwork makes his pieces some of the most sought after works in America. The realism he can capture in his subjects along with the general feeling of movement, makes his works exciting to the eye. The show will offer a large koi fish with lily pads in a 34x34” as well as his iconic New York and apple tree scenes along with 3 local Laguna Beach Plein Air paintings, a new type of work for Derek. 
    Local artist, writer, curator, classically trained at Laguna College of Art and Design, Vanessa Rothe will have eight works in the exhibition. Rothe grew up in Laguna receiving awards for her work from 1st grade in Color it Orange, to a full Festival of Arts scholarship, and is now exhibiting in New York and amount many of the top artists in American in her genre. Her current work ranges in style from her iconic French landscapes with color and light and put her on the map as a California Impressionist, to decorative gold panels with white herons and art nouveau portraits, to her more recent designer graphic fashion figures with abstract backgrounds. Her latest works cross over from her traditional landscapes to a more modern set of works that have an almost illustrative feel to them and therefore have sold mostly in New York. Her abstract backgrounds mixed with haute couture fashion figures were inspired and influenced by growing up the daughter of a fashion designer to the stars and musicians, and reading Vogue since childhood. Rothe also is a contributing editor for American Art Collector and American Fine Art magazines, and has her own column, “ Art Industry Insider” in International Artist Magazine. 
    Curator remarks "The works form all three famed California artists combine various styles and genres in one painting, and all in their own manner, yet the works can be hung together side by side in a singular collection as they share a cohesion. None are too realist, none too modern. Often times color is the element uniting them as a “triptych”, hence the name of the show.” - Vanessa Rothe 
    Open at VRFA Gallery July 1st at 418 Ocean Ave Laguna Beach CA. 
    Please reach out with questions and if you need anything further contact us at 949 280 1555