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    About Us

    BrightLife Beverage Co. is California’s premier non-alcoholic beverage supply company. We provide
    quality, future-focused alcohol-free alternatives thoughtfully curated and sourced from artisan beverage
    makers worldwide.

    We founded the company in our search for more and better alcohol-free options while seeking to take a
    break from alcohol without a break from taste or socializing. Jonny, an Irish-born native from County
    Armagh, Northern Ireland, and fiancée Natalia Browne, born and raised in Laguna Beach, are social
    drinkers but are starting a family and looking to be more health-conscious. The idea for our business
    came when we were searching for NA (non-alcoholic) beer, wine, and spirit options; we were amazed at
    the variety out there, but also the insufficient information to navigate the hundreds of products or
    availability via a single source. 

    In addition to offering the widest selection of alcohol-free beverages in-store at 1854 S. Coast Highway,
    Unit 1, Laguna Beach and online at www.BrightLifeBeverages.com our Events can also bring the bar to
    you. With our mobile bar and experienced mixologists, we can create a curated menu for your special

    The NA drink market is the fastest-growing segment of the beverage industry. With BrightLife Beverage
    Co. as your trade partner, you can reach and delight existing and new customers with more mindful
    offerings while increasing your bottom line. To help keep businesses future-focused, we offer wholesale
    trade partnerships, menu curation, and training for restaurants, cafés, and companies.