• Stuffed Animal Deal: Locally Designed Stuffed Animals.

    Offer Valid: 01/12/2024 - 05/01/2024
    Please accept 2x free stuffed animals for your store!

    New to Laguna Stuffed Animal Deal

    MSRP: $36.00 + Shipping
    Wholesale $15.00+Shipping

    FREE Samples for local businesses!

    Mango Borb

    Breb Chinchilla

        We're new to the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, but our stuffed animals are local! Designed by LCAD student Marlene Anderson, with help from our stuffed animal communities, we have designed the first of many stuffed animals that we wholeheartedly believe that you'll love. As a thank you for the amazing community we have here, we wanted to offer 2 free stuffed animals to any store who would like to inquire!

    • Luxurious Stuffed Animals, that will stand out compared to other offerings. Softer than most stuffed animals, with a luxury down stuffing, and high quality materials.

    • Locally designed! Designed by Laguna residents.

    • Neurodiverse-friendly, accommodates those of us with Autism, ADHD, etc. better than most stuffed animals. 

        Whats the catch? There is no catch. I think that you and your customers will really like our sensory-friendly stuffed animals. You may buy more if you're interested in doing so. 

    Please email michael@borbs.com to have your sample shipped to your address. 

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